Noviembre de Niños - Thank you at the End of a Great Month

Thank you to everyone who made Noviembre de Niños a huge success.  This was the first time CAIR Coalition has set aside a month to focus on the specific issues facing immigrant children.  We will surely do it every year from here on.  The outpouring of support was a warm and welcome reminder that even in troubling times the children we serve will always have friends and advocates ready to jump at the chance to help.  During November, all of you have:

 Taken on Pro Bono Cases at an amazing pace!

With no right to appointed counsel in immigration court, children facing deportation need pro bono attorneys if they are to have a fighter’s chance at winning their case.  This month, attorneys from all over the Capital Region have stepped up to stand beside a child in court.

Donated a small mountain of books, toys, and therapeutic gear for use in the government detention facilities that house immigrant children!


Donated to help CAIR Coalition keep doing great work for immigrant children!

Thank you for all of your financial support.  From $10 to $1,000, each donation helps us continue fighting for our clients.  Consider donating today, if you have not done so already.