All the Ways the Capital Region can Help Separated Children and Parents

Jun 22, 2018




As a result of the administration’s policies, the number of immigrants placed in detention is growing exponentially.  CAIR Coalition is the only legal service provider in DC, Maryland, and Virginia with a focus on serving detained immigrant women, men, and unaccompanied immigrant children held in 12 facilities in Maryland and Virginia. We are stretching our capacity to meet the needs of the separated adults and children in the detention centers served by our dedicated staff. There are many ways that you can get involved to support our work:




Make a financial contribution to support our work.  The number one need is always more staff to help more adults and children who are facing deportation. Your donation has an amazing impact on our clients and work.


Coordinate a fundraiser with your friends, coworkers, and community. We will provide you with materials about our work and talking points about how these donations make an impact on the lives of separated families.




-Volunteer with CAIR Coalition:


If you would like to join us in opposing the administration's horrific treatment of asylum-seeking families: 

  1. Show up to a protest to show your opposition to family separations and indefinite family detention.  There is a large march planned for June 30 (more details here)
  2. Contact your representatives and let them know you oppose indefinite family detention
  3. Share our action alerts through your social media  and make sure that people know this is an issue that affects our local community 

For Attorneys:


Please consider taking a pro bono case of an unaccompanied child or detained adult. Representation is the single most important factor in achieving positive outcomes for detained immigrants.


For Mental Health Professionals:


If you have experience providing forensic psychological evaluations for immigration cases please consider assisting one of our clients on a pro bono or low bono basis


If you are looking for opportunities to provide housing or foster care: