Noviembre de Niños:Interview with a Kids Program Intern

Alejandra is an exchange student from Zacapa, Guatemala studying Political Science at American University. Alejandra has volunteered with CAIR Coalition this semester with the Detained Children's Program helping with post release services, translations, and assisting with filings. Next year Alejandra will be working on strengthening the local economy of one of the villages that has the highest percentage of migrants to the U.S. in Guatemala. We are so thankful to have her expertise and help at CAIR!


Why did you choose to volunteer with CAIR Coalition?

I am a person who identifies as Central American and who pursues the study of political science, I am very passionate and committed to immigration issues that affect the region I come from. CAIR gives me the opportunity to be involved with the children immigrant community in the DMV area, which is mostly from Central America.


What was the most exciting or fulfilling part of your experience?

CAIR gives hope and opportunities to people that think they have nothing, people that have suffered in their countries and come to this country in order to improve their lives; and being part of it, makes me feel I’m contributing to this.


How did this experience impact you?

This experience has showed me many issues immigrants have to face in this country from different perspectives, and it’s bringing me knowledge I will use in the writing of my thesis on the immigration patterns of the Northern Triangle of Central America.