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The Capital Area Immigrants’ Rights (CAIR) Coalition strongly condemns the Trump Administration announcement of mass arrests of undocumented immigrants starting next week. The President’s words and efforts put the immigrant community in an unconscionable state of fear and distress.

Many of those who may be affected are important members of our community who have lived in the U.S. for decades and have children and family members that are U.S. citizens. They are vital part of our society. They pay taxes. And like many Americans, they work hard for their families and their children.

There are some who are saying this is a political stunt as the President works to shore up his eroding base for his reelection bid. But this is not about politics. It’s about real people, and the inherent fear and trauma that such reckless statements and actions cause. Additionally, this Administration has proven time and again that even the most extreme talking points are rooted in some deeply held, perverse policy positions. We can’t simply chalk it up to “shock value” and “political gain.” No, these are policy aspirations that are launched in the most bombastic ways, to try to numb us into thinking these things are normal.

They’re not normal. This is not who we are as a people. This is wrong. Families belong together.

We express our unwavering solidarity with immigrants during this time and want the community to know that we will never stop fighting for their rights and dignity. CAIR Coalition will do everything we can to best serve those who are arrested in these raids. As always, we will be there at every detention center in the Capital Region to provide legal services to immigrant adults and children who are detained. We are with you.


The Capital Area Immigrants’ Rights Coalition strives to ensure equal justice for all immigrant adults and children at risk of detention and deportation in the DC metropolitan area and beyond through direct legal representation, know your rights presentations, impact and advocacy work, and the training of attorneys defending immigrants in the immigration and criminal justice arenas. More information can be found at and to donate please visit

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