Criminal-Immigration Resources

Criminal Defense Attorneys: We provide support to members of Virginia’s criminal defense bar in their representation of non-citizen defendants. Our goal is to help you meet your constitutional and ethical obligations as articulated by the Supreme Court of the United States in Padilla v. Kentucky and the Supreme Court of Virginia in Zemene v. Clarke.

Immigration Attorneys: We also provide support to immigration attorneys representing non-citizens facing deportation as a result of interaction with the criminal system.

We provide support in three ways:

  1. Individual Case Consultations: We provide free individualized case consultations to criminal defense attorneys who are certified by the Indigent Defense Commission and providing court-appointed counsel. Click here to read more and request a consultation.
  2. Written Legal Resources regarding the immigration consequences of Virginia offenses: Click here to access our crim-imm reference guides, including a chart of the immigration consequences of Virginia offenses, a reference guide, primers on key crim-imm concepts, and practice advisories.
  3. Training on the immigration consequences of criminal offenses: We provide a variety of trainings on the immigration consequences of criminal offenses, including “101” style presentations as well as individualized advanced level trainings on particular issues. If your firm or your bar association is interested in a free training, please contact us.

Please contact Evan Benz, Senior Attorney,, if you have questions about our resources, are seeking additional information, or would like to set up a training.


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