Forks Up Walls Down by Beucherts Saloon

Last year Beuchert's and some amazing friends hosted an event called "Forks Up Guns Down." We raised over 6,500 dollars to help put a stop to the gun violence in the district. This year we are turning our efforts to helping the many in need of safety and a new start.


I am reaching out to you to help confront an ever-growing concern in our nation. The legal policies toward immigration reform and refugee aid that once helped shape our nation are threatened at an unprecedented level. My hope is that we can band together to help enact a change.


I'm reaching out to a Local NPO, the CAIR Coalition. They give assistance to many of those in need through legal aid for children as young as 11 and adults seeking asylum in the United States. They also help families stay together and out of harm's way. With your help, I believe we can multiply our donation potential and bring more awareness to this fight.

For "Forks Up Walls Down," we are planning a full-charity buyout of Beuchert's Saloon with donation jars on-site for best dish and best punch. We will be working with distributors to get 100% of products donated and every cent we raise will be donated.


Now the main details:


What: Food and Drinks from guest Bartenders and Chefs

Where: Beuchert's Saloon

When: Sunday September 17th 6-10pm

Who: All of you giving Friends



Bobby Pradachith of Thip Khao

Danny Lee and Scott Drewno of Chiko

Andrew Markert of Beucherts Saloon

Christian Irabien formerly of Calavera Cocina Mexicana

Hamilton Johnson of Honeysuckle



Mackenzie Conway Of Beucherts Saloon

Andrea Tateosian of Urbana

Mick Perrigo of Left Door

Nate Mann of Room 11

Christine Kim of Service Bar

Andrew Gaffken of charm city mead works

Ian kraft of Free Run Wines


Music: Gourmet Symphony