CAIR Coalition Statement on Ninth Circuit Temporary Protective Status (TPS) Decision

Sep 14, 2020
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CAIR Coalition denounces the 9th Circuit Court of Appeal’s decision allowing the administration to continue on its path toward terminating Temporary Protective Status (TPS). If carried through, this decision will affect hundreds of thousands of TPS holders across the country - children and adults who built entire lives in the United States. Unfortunately, this is another moment in which the Court system failed to provide recourse to immigrant communities. 

In the Capital region there are nearly 32,000 TPS holders who could face separation from their families and deportation to a country that many have not been to in decades. TPS was originally congressionally instituted due to an understanding that these countries were not safe. That reality holds true today. In the next six months before this decision is to be implemented, we continue to hold hope that an appeal to the Supreme Court or other executive intervention could reverse this decision and allow TPS holders in the United States to live in peace and security. No matter what, CAIR Coalition is prepared to support all TPS holders, regardless of what 2021 holds.