New ICE tactic raises questions about due process

Oct 06, 2017

Nithya Nathan-Pineau, director of CAIR Coalition's Detained Children's Program, addresses the increasing trend of minors being labeled as gang members and being sent to immigration detention.

“Those kind of allegations were increasing steadily, and now it’s almost uniform, particularly with these interior enforcement kids,” said Nathan-Pineau, referring to undocumented youth apprehended in the interior United States versus at the border. “Most of them are telling us when we meet them: ‘I’m here because they’re telling me that I’m a gang member, but I don’t know why they think that.’”

“I’ve never seen this many kids who are there because of allegations, instead of an actual adjudication. So that’s a real shift,” said Nathan-Pineau, noting that the uptick began in May.

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