Dec 10, 2020

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Today, the Trump administration finalized regulations that will result in the near end of asylum. The rule, set to go into effect on January 11, 2021, will prevent virtually every person who CAIR Coalition works with from being able to seek asylum. Despite over 80,000 public comments in response to the proposed rule, the administration only made five substantive changes to the rule, with one of these changes making the rule worse.

"On Human Rights Day, the Trump administration reiterated that their intent over last four years has been to be inhumane and cruel making yet another attack against the immigrant community by effectively ending the protection of asylum that the United States offers to people fleeing persecution," says Claudia Cubas, CAIR Coalition’s Litigation Director.

CAIR Coalition envisions a different world where asylum is upheld and truly reflects today’s reality of who is in need of protection. The anti-immigrant practices and policies we face do not begin or end with this administration and we will continue to demand change.