Upcoming Events

  • Oct02

    Justice for All Live Art & Auction Event

    This annual event brings together several hundred supporters from across the Capital region committed to providing justice for all detain immigrant men, women, and children in DC, Maryland, Virginia.

  • May31

    Training: Nuts and Bolts of Representing Detained Immigrants

    A comprehensive training focused on the forms of legal relief available to detained adult immigrants and the role of pro bono attorneys in seeking relief. Includes substantive teaching sessions, workshops, and a mock court hearing.


  • Apr13

    Training & Discussion for North Carolina Federal Public Defenders: Immigration Consequences of Criminal Convictions & Litigation Coordination


    A training and litigation coordination session conducted by the Capital Area Immigrants' Rights (CAIR) Coalition's Immigration Impact Lab for the Federal Public Defenders of North Carolina.

    For questions please contact Adina Appelbaum, Senior Attorney, at adina@caircoalition.org or 202-899-1412 or David Laing, Senior Attorney, at david@caircoalitionorg or 202-769-5231.

  • Apr12

    Training for North Carolina Criminal Defense and Immigration Attorneys: Understanding the Immigration Consequences of Criminal Convictions & Cutting-Edge Immigration Litigation


    Join the Capital Area Immigrants' Rights (CAIR) Coalition's Immigration Impact Lab, Eliot Morgan Parsonage, and Cauley Forsythe Law Group for an in-depth training for Carolina criminal defense and immigration attorneys on the immigration consequences of criminal offenses, the ethical obligations that criminal defense attorneys owe to non-citizen clients, and cutting-edge immigration litigation.

  • Oct16

    Understanding the immigration Consequences of Criminal Dispositions in Virginia – Ethical & Legal Considerations

    The Immigrant Outreach Committee, in conjunction with the Capital Area Immigrants’ Rights (CAIR) Coalition, present a timely CLE addressing ethical and legal considerations of immigration consequences of criminal dispositions in Virginia. This training for Virginia attorneys will serve as a comprehensive introduction to the complex intersection of federal immigration law and Virginia state criminal law. It will cover the heightened ethical duty that criminal defense attorneys owe to non-citizen clients under Padilla v. Kentucky and Zemene v.

  • Sep14

    Pursuing U Visas Under Trump: Advanced Topics & Emerging Issues

    In this interactive training, designed for those doing significant U visa work,  national and local experts will identify and discuss with participants hot topics in U visas,  safety planning to avoid survivor removal, expanding your work with community organizers and others who can help challenge attempts to remove survivors, arguments on challenging removability designed for survivors, learning to do administrative stays, and identifying the steps for filing habeas/TROs to stop survivor removal when these efforts have failed.

  • Sep17

    Forks Up Walls Down by Beucherts Saloon

    Last year Beuchert's and some amazing friends hosted an event called "Forks Up Guns Down." We raised over 6,500 dollars to help put a stop to the gun violence in the district. This year we are turning our efforts to helping the many in need of safety and a new start.


    I am reaching out to you to help confront an ever-growing concern in our nation. The legal policies toward immigration reform and refugee aid that once helped shape our nation are threatened at an unprecedented level. My hope is that we can band together to help enact a change.


  • Oct10

    Justice for All 2017: Annual Reception

    Join us at Capital Area Immigrants' Rights (CAIR) Coalition's

    Justice for All Live Art and Auction Event

    Please join us for a night of celebration of your continued support of CAIR Coalition and our work to keep families together and ensure equal access to justice for the immigrant communities of the Washington, DC area.

  • May30

    Training: Bond and Custody Proceedings in Immigration Court

    CAIR Coalition and CABA Firms in Service invite you to a training on BOND & CUSTODY PROCEEDINGS IN IMMIGRATION COURT presented by Rachel Jordan and Saba Ahmed, CAIR Coalition. To RVSP, contact Tanishka Cruz at tanishka@justice4all.org.


  • Apr29

    Panel Discussion: League of Women Voters of the DC

    Panel Discussion:

    A Progressive City in a New Political Era

    The District of Columbia is one of the most progressive cities in the country.  The recent changes in the political climate put our progressive policies and programs at risk. Many of us are concerned about protecting DC laws, DC values, and DC residents.

    Our panelists will discuss the potential impact on key issues including Education, Health Care and Immigration and how we can support our community.

    CAIR Coalition's Nithya Nathan-Pineau will be serving as a panelist.