Asylum: Honduran Father Fled Gang Threats with his 2-year old Daughter

Jonny is a 33-year old man from Honduras who is facing death threats from large gangs due to his family being targets of the gangs. After being shot at and hearing his toddler daughter be threatened, Jonny fled to the United States. This was after the police said they would not help him. Jonny needs a pro bono team to help him press his asylum claim in immigration court.

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Jonny grew up in Honduras and has seen the gang violence get worse as the years went by, and eventually become a target himself. Around 2012, his uncle-in-law was in a gang and was murdered. The gang believes the family killed Jonny’s uncle-in-law (because he was abusive of Jonny’s aunt) and the gang has targeted the family ever since.

In 2015, Jonny’s other uncle was murdered. It is unclear if this is because of the earlier murder or because another gang blamed the uncle for a child dying from a medical issue.

From 2012 to 2018, Jonny has been threatened by gangs. They have tried to hurt his family and said they will him and his daughter.

Fearing that the gang would kill them, Jonny fled Honduras and brought his 2-year old daughter with him to the United States seeking safety.

Jonny is detained in Maryland and speaks Spanish.

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