CAT: Honduran Man fled Gang Kidnapping and Beating

Nestor is a 36-year old man from Honduras who was kidnapped and beaten by a large gang in his home country when he was 16-years old. He fled to the United States, but was deported.  In 2011, in Rockville, Maryland, he was attacked by members of the gang and stabbed repeatedly.  He was again threatened in 2016. He has several convictions the U.S. With four U.S. Citizen children living in Maryland, Nestor is seeking pro bono help in seeking protection under the Convention against Torture.

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Nestor grew up in Honduras. In 1998, when he was 16-years old, a large gang kidnapped and tortured him. They cut off half of one finger, cut him several times on his hands, face and back, burned his hand, and broke his nose and his teeth. Someone called the police, and the gang members fled when the police arrived. He gave a statement to the police, but they never caught the assailants

The gang knew him because he regularly had to go through their neighborhood to go to work and he had to pay rent in order to walk through their community. In 2011, Nestor was repeatedly stabbed in the chest, back and head, in Rockville, MD by someone who he believes was associated with the gang. During the stabbing, the assailant said, “I have been ordered to kill you.” Nestor worked with the police to catch the assailant.

In 2016, Nestor was in detention and again received threats against him. Nestor has four U.S. Citizen children living in Maryland.

Nestor has criminal convictions for possession with intent to distribute, secondary degree assault and misuse of a telephone. He also has mental health challenges. 

The Assistant Federal Defender is very invested in this case and eager to help in any way possible, saying, “I worry for all of my clients potentially going back to Central America, but him particularly.”

Nestor is eligible for Convention against Torture, which will be adjudicated in half-day trail in front of an immigration judge. He is currently detained at Snow Hill Detention Center, an immigration detention center located approximately 2.5 hours away from Washington, DC in Worcester, Maryland.

Please contact Michael Lukens at (202) 870-5962, or, if you are interested in taking this case.

* Pseudonym used to protect privacy.


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