Pascal* is a 42-year-old man from Mexico. He has been living and working continuously in Virginia since 2007, and has built a life and a family in this country. Pascal has a child who is a U.S. Citizen. Both his child and Pascal's partner, Gloria* rely heavily on Pascal, as Gloria has medical difficulties requiring frequent medical care and can work only part-time. Pascal is actively fighting to stay here with his family and is seeking a pro bono attorney to help him assert his family hardship defense to deportation (aka “cancellation of removal”).

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Pascal* is a 42-year-old man from Mexico. He has been living and working continuously in Virginia since 2007 and has built a life and a family in this country. Before his most recent entry to the country in 2007, he had entered twice before, and once was removed back to Mexico. Since entering the country in 2007, he built a life in the United States with his partner and their child.

Pascal has a defense to deportation based on family hardship (aka non-LPR cancellation of removal). This is a one-time chance for a person who has been present in the U.S. for at least 10 years to obtain a green card upon establishing that they have good moral character and that their deportation would cause exceptional and extremely unusual hardship to their LPR or U.S. Citizen spouse, child, or parent. In this case, Pascal's attorney will seek to establish at trial that his son, who is a U.S. citizen, will be subjected to hardship due to Pascal’s removal.

Pascal’s partner, Gloria*, has a medical condition that requires frequent medical care and allows her to work only part-time. Gloria is now the sole provider for their son, and since Pascal’s detention, she has been struggling to support him and pay for her medical care on her limited income. Their son is also suffering emotionally due to Pascal’s detention. He has become withdrawn and is acting out at school.

Pascal’s case is complicated by his two convictions for DUIs, which the government will argue preclude the court from finding good moral character. On the other side of this issue, Pascal has the support of family members, coworkers, former employers, and soccer teammates who will attest to his good moral character despite these convictions.

Timeline: Pascal had a scheduling hearing on May 5 in Arlington. In response to COVID-19, the courts currently permit attorneys to attend all hearings telephonically.

Location: Detained in Caroline County, Virginia. Attorneys can schedule private calls with detained clients rather than conducting in-person legal visits.

Language: Spanish


For more information about this case, please contact Pro Bono Coordinating Attorney Jennifer Grishkin at or 202-866-9287.

*Pseudonyms are used to protect privacy