Honduran Man Seeks Asylum Due to Persecution Based on Sexual Orientation

Jasiel* is a 21-year-old gay man from Honduras who seeks asylum based on his sexual identity.  Currently detained in Maryland, Jasiel has been beaten and sexually abused by the Honduran police because of his sexual orientation, and has been told by the police that they will continue to attack him. After the most recent police beating, in May, Jasiel fled for his life to the United States.  He now needs pro bono help to stop his deportation

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Jasiel, a 21-year old man now in detention in Maryland, had been targeted by the Honduran police because he is gay. After seeing him with his boyfriend, two Honduran police officers beat and sexually abused Jasiel on two separate occasions in April and May of this year.  The police told Jasiel that he was a disgrace to the country and that they would continue to beat him and abuse him because of his sexual orientation.   There is no place or institution to which Jasiel could turn within Honduras for protection or redress, as the government itself is known to be the source of much of the violence and murder against gay men.  In June, in fear for his life, Jasiel fled to safety in the United States.  Because his case has yet to be scheduled for a hearing, he continues to be held in a detention center.  Pro bono assistance is needed to free him from detention, prevent his deportation, and save his life. 

Jasiel is eligible for asylum, withholding of removal, and protection under the Convention Against Torture.  All three of these defenses to deportation will be adjudicated in front of an immigration judge during a short trial.  Alberto’s pro bono attorney will need to put forward an argument that there is no internal relocation possible within Honduras.

 Jasiel is currently detained at Frederick County Detention Center, an immigration detention center located approximately 1 hour away from Washington, DC in Maryland. Jasiel speaks Spanish.   CAIR Coalition can assist in setting up confidential phone calls with the client.

Please contact our Pro Bono Director, attorney Michael Lukens at (202) 870-5962, or michael@caircoalition.org, if you are interested in taking this case.

*Pseudonyms are used to protect privacy.