Translation and Interpretation Volunteering


Translation and interpretation volunteers translate court documents for CAIR Coalition clients, provide live interpretation for staff and pro bono attorneys, and help ensure that CAIR Coalition is able to provide access to all clients from all parts of the world.


  • Where: Translations -- and some interpretations -- can be completed remotely, either over the phone or by emailing translated documents.
  • When: CAIR Coalition's Volunteer Coordinator emails translation requests to those who indicate an ability to speak another language on CAIR Coalition's volunteer signup form. Spanish-language translation requests are emailed every week, and other language needs are sent out as-needed.

What makes a good translation volunteer:

  • No training or certification is required.
  • Spanish-language translation requests are the most common, but all languages are needed, including less-commonly-spoken or -taught languages.
  • Strong fluency in a foreign language is preferred.

How to get started:

  • Indicate the languages you speak on the volunteer sign-up form, and you will be contacted when CAIR Coalition has a translation/interpretation need in that language.



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