• Shifts are divided among three (3) hotline stations, with shifts starting at 9 AM and going forward in 2-hour intervals until 5 PM.
  • Hotline Extension #2 is prioritized for volunteers who are either fluent or proficient in Spanish. So, if you don't speak Spanish, please sign up to work Hotline Extensions #3 or #4 instead.
  • Every hotline station has the same time shifts. Please sign up for shifts selecting the next available hotline extension in chronological order (e.g. First Ext. #2 if this is not available, then Ext. #3 if this is not available, then Ext #4...)


  1. To sign up for a shift, "click" the shift you wish to volunteer for and enter your information. Once you sign up you will receive and email confirming your shift sign-up.
  2. A shift that shows as "closed" means that shift has been taken.
  3. A shift sign-up will not go through if you have not completed volunteer hotline training.