VA Crimes Chart

We maintain a "live" chart analyzing the immigration consequences of Virginia criminal offenses. The chart is intended for the use of criminal defense attorneys, not immigration practitioners.

Before using any of the chart sections linked below, please read the short cover memorandum preceding the Table of Contents, which explains the scope of the chart, the fact that the analysis is based on the law within the jurisdiction of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, and the need for additional analysis based on the facts and circumstances of a client's case. 

The chart sections are updated regularly and we welcome your feedback. Please check this page frequently to ensure that you are using the most updated versions.

If you identify a commonly-charged offense not included in the chart or any errors, please email

Disclaimer: These charts are not a substitute for an attorney's own research. The update date does not reflect an update on every single statute in a section; it only represents the most recent edits.


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