Advocacy and Impact

CAIR Coalition engages in advocacy projects to advance the human and civil rights of the immigrant communities we serve.

Our advocacy and impact work is guided by three primary principles.

  • Our work must be informed by the real life experiences of the immigrant clients we serve
  • We believe in the importance of collaborative engagement with partner organizations and immigrant communities to best advance our shared goals
  • Our efforts must not be constrained within the walls of the immigration detention system - we must help immigrants remain outside the immigration detention system and assist when they leave the detention system

In particular, CAIR Coalition’s advocacy and impact efforts focus on:

  • Disrupting the pipeline that flows from the criminal justice system into the immigration detention and deportation system
  • Fighting for the rights of unaccompanied children facing prolonged detention upon arrival in the United States
  • Mitigating the disproportionate and unnecessarily harsh consequences of involvement in the criminal justice system for noncitizens
  • Ensuring access to counsel and due process rights for adult immigrants facing detention and removal proceedings

Our main Impact project is the Crim-Imm Pro Bono ProjectClick here to learn more about the Project. 

Photo by Steven Rubin

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