• Juan

    Juan has lived in the United States as a lawful permanent resident since age 13. Either enrolled in school or working, Juan spent his entire adult life in the United States working to better himself and to support his family, all of whom live in the United States. He quickly learned English, maintained steady employment, and was a dedicated father to his US citizen daughters. Unfortunately, in late 2012, Juan made a string of bad choices which landed him in jail.

  • Ezequiel

    Up until the age of 12, Ezequiel worked every day collecting firewood that his father would sell. Ezequiel’s father beat him, his mother, and his siblings. Eventually, Ezequiel’s father abandoned the family, leaving them destitute.

  • Mario

    "Thank you for all the help. They gave me all their support. Without you I would not have succeeded."—Mario*, CAIR Coalition client who was granted asylum 


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