Thank you

by Kathryn M. Doan, Esq.

As 2017 draws to a close, there are few things that I’m going to miss about it. This was a terribly difficult year for all of us who care about equal access to justice for immigrant men, women, and children facing detention and deportation.   Many of us had high hopes that 2017 might be the year where Congress finally passed comprehensive immigration reform, providing a pathway to citizenship to all those immigrants whose hard work undergirds our country, but who are forced to remain in the shadows.   But instead, we were hit by what at times felt like a tsunami of bad news – increased targeting of immigrants, repeals of DACA and TPS and yet more families torn asunder.   But throughout these dark times, there has been a singular ray of hope – all of our wonderful, dedicated friends and supporters. 

While so many of our national leaders were intent on catering to our worst impulses, stoking fear of the “other” and giving aid and comfort to those who see anyone different from themselves as somehow inferior, we at CAIR Coalition were busy weaving a different narrative.  A narrative based on a fierce dedication to justice for all.  As the staff expanded to meet the growing needs of immigrants facing detention and deportation, so did our network of volunteers.  We are so very grateful for everyone who took a case pro bono, went on a jail visit, staffed the detention hotline, helped out with translations, assisted released immigrants, and donated gifts to brighten the holidays for detained children

Thank you for all the ways that you fought the good fight and let immigrants and their families, facing some of the darkest days of their lives, know that they were not alone.  Thank you for standing up for a vision of the United States that says we are a stronger, better nation when we build bridges, not walls. 

Thank you for continuing to stand with us as we carry that vision into the New Year. 

Kathy Doan

Executive Director




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