Thank you for you interest in volunteering with CAIR Coalition. Our work in helping those immigrants held in government detention centers is not possible without our amazing volunteers.


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Listed below are our volunteer opportunities and how to get involved.

Detention Hotline

The CAIR Coalition hotline is a dedicated phone system through which adult immigrants held by the government can call our office for free.  The hotline is often the only way people in detention can reach their lawyers.


  • When: 2-hour shifts, 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday
  • Where: CAIR Coalition office, 1612 K Street, Washington, D.C., 20006
  • You will be trained during your first shift

What makes a good hotline volunteer:

  • Volunteers who can commit to multiple shifts
  • Spanish proficiency is highly desired (other languages are also helpful)

How to get started:



CAIR Coalition has volunteers that translate documents needed in court. Volunteers also work as interpreters on staff visits and with pro bono attorneys.


  • Where: translation can be done remotely, either over the phone or by emailing translated documents.
  • When: our translation volunteer coordinator, Leah, will send out translation requests on a weekly basis.

What makes a good translation volunteer:

  • No training or certification is required
  • All languages are needed, especially Spanish
  • Strong fluency in a foreign language is preferred

How to get started:


Jail Visits

CAIR Coalition conducts regular visits to government detention facilities in Virginia and Maryland to provide adult detainees with information about immigration detention, their legal rights, options for fighting deportation, and general information about the deportation process.

We require that all new volunteers must attend a volunteer training session before volunteering on a jail visit.


  • When: jail visits are all day affairs, leaving DC around 5:30am and returning that evening at 8:00pm or later
  • Where: detention facilities in VA and MD, up to 3 hours away from DC

What makes a good jail visit volunteer:

  • Spanish speakers, as well as speakers of other languages are highly desired
  • Volunteers who can come on multiple visits are preferred
  • No members of the media or government are allowed
  • No knowledge of immigration law is required

How to get started: