Frequently Asked Questions


I don’t speak Spanish; do you have a case for me?

I want to get litigation experience; do you have a pro bono case for me?

Will CAIR Coalition’s malpractice insurance cover me if I volunteer as a pro bono attorney?

Where are the clients? How do I visit my client?

What kinds of expenses are involved in a CAIR Coalition case?

Do I need immigration experience to take on a pro bono case?

What type of cases does CAIR Coalition place with pro bono teams?

I do not want to litigate in court; do you have a pro bono case for me?

No, really, litigation scares the heck out of me; do you have a pro bono case for me?

Do I need to be barred in Virginia or Maryland to take a case?

How does CAIR Coalition find and screen potential clients?

Whom do I contact if I am interested in taking a case?


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