Adult Client: Bar Owner Refused to Allow Gangs to Sell Drugs, Faces Death

Fabian* owned a small bar in Honduras with a business partner, Marcus*. When gang members demanded to sell drugs out of the bar, Fabian and Marcus refused.  Later, the gang killed Marcus and tried to kill Fabian and his wife. The gang continues to look for Fabian to murder him. Fabian needs pro bono help to fight his deportation. He is eligible for fear-based relief akin to asylum

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Fabian is a 46-year old man from Honduras. He and his business partner, Marcus*, ran a small bar out of which gangs, principally two men, wanted to sell drugs. When Fabian and Marcus refused and reported them to the police in 2003, their lives were threatened. The local police did nothing.

Fabian fled Honduras in 2003, while Marcus stayed back. The next year, Marcus was killed.  Prior to his fleeing, the gangs shot at Fabians wife and threatened to kill the entire family.

In 2007, the national police arrested the two gang members.  When they were released in 2010, they looked for Fabian and made it know that they want him dead. Soon thereafter, Fabian’s brother-in-law was killed.

In 2009, Fabian was convicted of burglary of a habitation with intent to commit theft and was sentenced to time served.  In 2017, he pled guilty to illegal re-entry.

Fabian is eligible of withholding of removal, which is similar to asylum, and protection under the Convention against Torture. 

He is detained at Farmville detention facility in Farmville, Virginia. His pro bono team will need to visit him several times at the facility and can also speak over confidential phone lines.  Fabian speaks Spanish.

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*Pseudonyms are used to protect privacy.


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